Wednesday, 20 January 2016

iREVO Smart PC The Android Awakens !

It's genius in a small box just like gini in the lamp of aladin. Weighing just 120 grams and 180mm x 92mm x 34mm in dimension. The box looks sleek and sturdy for day to day usage.

                                         The Box Contents.
It resembles iREVO smart tv box but is only available in black color. This box also works as a WI-FI router. At the back side it has 2X USB 1xHDMI 1xRJ45 & 1 power and on off switch. It runs KitKat version of Android with iREVO webtop on top of it . Since there have been a lot of manafactures who came in the market with android pc have flopped due to there pc design or pricing like vodafone magic box which had a laptop keyboard design but failed as was not easy enough to carry. This box is easy to carry and use. Connecting to my WI-FI and register my account was as easy as 123, Nor did i face any problem brousing websites as firefox and crome came pre installed along with normal android brouser. Unlike the smart tv box this pc can run without internet. I used MS Office 365 Suite for work which came with Word , Excel , Powerpoint and Outlook. Using them was very easy as they resemble there brother from Microsoft Windows. Best thing that i liked hear was that interface was neatly tiled accourding  to the catagories which made using different apps easier to use as i was able to pull them out of there respective catagories. Though This device uses 1 Gb ddr 3 Ram only disappointment was that we got 275 MB to 400 MB and sometimes 175 MB also  but despite that multitasking was a breez.

Tech Spec As per Antutu

Webtop user interface.

We did try to get the bench mark for this pc and the results are right hear :-

Antutu Benchmark

SEASCAPE Bench mark

Vellamo bench mark

Quadrent Spec of this product

We were not able to get Quadrent Bench mark results as app  went blak at the time of test.
This pc has contents for all age groups  like e-basta for kids till 12 class for ICSC , CBSC oard. It also has section for shopping apps  where we can installl flipcrard or apps like that. Different sections like games, learning Etc... are there . I was trying to call one of our family friends who are in US but due to no responce this pc pre installed with skype came to resque as i was able to use my 6 yrs old webcam from intex it-305wc and it worked a charm as i was able to video call them. 

Setting up screen in the begining was a little pain as things ware a little amiss but in a matter of 2 to 3 min all was alright as little manual tuning from my moniter's setting did the magic. I Kept resolution of 1080 on my 10 yrs old viewsonic it worked welll however could not play the videos from youtube . but in 720 resolution all worked well.

Switching between apps was easy as either i used Alt + Tab or switch Apps buttion on my task bar in the bottom. Major Disappointment was lack of shortkut keys in the manual and lack of e-manual on the pc . Keyboard and mouse supplied with this box is a bliss but I found it to be little flimsy near battery pannel as we dont know when that covers puller will break. The mouse has space for storing the receiver however it Feels rugged in usage . Also tried many wireless keyboard and mouse some did not work but Logitech K400r did extremely well  as it came with built in trackpad and on pusing windows logo key it took me to my desktop. When using mouse or trackpad right click exited application and took you back to desktop  which was useless as it should have shown a menu just like in windows. However no lights on key board and lack of osd to display caps on off light or display will be a miss as you wouldnt come to know it you are in caps mode or not. Though keyboard resembles apple type size but will still prifer Logitech K400R as it is truly a life saver with 1 year of battery usage time and K400 R plus with 18 mts of battery usage.

Producte was a breeze to use and light in weight but  if wallpaper could be visiable like on windows phone where it makes tiles transparent would have been an added value and somehow i did miss deep customisation of Caynogen OS whch could have given us a better view in terms of theams icons and fonts. 

However mouse did fail once or twice in use as cursor dissapaired on its own. and the task bar kept apparing on its on once or twice when we took mouse to the bottom of the screen. Device did reboot on its own at times but did perform well. Specially tv browser was amazing to run on my 720p tv  as it made my tv smart. Storage is to less as compaired to other devices  manafactured on planate earth (only 2 gb for apps as others give 4 to 6 gb for the same)
Price factor generally kills the product of it's calling as  pc but worable on both monitor and tv makes a great value in anyones home.
All i used was hdmi to vga connector with aux and it simply did great.  Available in 8 or 16 Gb only and can be upgreaded with harddisks of 2 tb.

Boot up Time 8/10 (takes  2 Min 30 Sec)
Interface 10/10
Usage 9/10
Looks 10/10
Specs 8/10 (at the price value a 2 gb would be good)
Storage 5/10 (1.40 gb out of 8 or 16 gb)
Over all 8/10

Would recomend this device to you if your budget is not more than 7 to 8 thousand and would like to have both pc and tv device . If you don't like media boxes I am shure you could go for smart tv's . 
Alternatively you can try " Volo Android Smart PC & Gaming Selector Box " for Rs. 8,500 on Flipkart oAeoss Mini Pc Tv Box Quad core CS918 with Android 4.2 2GB RAM/ 8GB ROM Rs. 4,995.00 @ Amazon India Or AEOSS Official Website.

But this is the only box in android which makes your monitor a pc or your tv smart.
just like saying " Kabhi pc toh kabhi tv "

kudos iREVO.

Tech Specification

iRevo Smart PC Specifications
Interface: Audio, Visual & Connectivity
HD A/V Output
One HDMI 1.4 output, up to 1080p
SD A/V Output
RCA composit video and stereo audio output
Wired Networking
10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet port
Wireless Networking
802.11 B/G/N Wi-Fi with External Antenna; Functions as Wireless Router too
USB Ports
Two USB 2.0 ports

Technical Specifications
Quad Core ARM Cortex A9 1.4GHZ
3D with OpenGL ES support
1 G-byte DDR3 RAM
Hard Drive/Flash Drive
8G-byte (Model QC1 B08) & 16G-byte (Model QC1 B16)
Android 4.4.x
Application Platform
iRevo WebTop with DLNA and iRevo Cloud
Users Supported
Up to 4 Users
Video Formats
MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MPG, H.264, H.263, VC-1, WMV, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, FLV
Audio Formats
MP3, WMA, WAV, AIFF, AU, MIDI, RealAudio, AAC, APE, Vorbis
Image Formats
Software Updates
Automatic, over-the-air software updates
Hardware Acceleration
Video Resolutions
HDMI 720x480p(60hz), 720x576p(50hz), 1280x720p (50/60hz), 1920x1080p (50/60Hz), Composite A/V 480i, 576i (NTSC/PAL)
DC 5V 2A, 110-240V AC

Physical Specifications
180mm x 92mm x 34mm

Package Contents
iRevo Smart PC, USB Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, AC Adapter, HDMI Cable, Ethernet Cable, Alkaline Batteries, Installation and User Guide

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